Growing Things Farm

Growing fresh certified naturally grown veggies and making handmade products since 1991.

decorative line seedlings planted out at Growing Things Farm

Growing Things Farm is a certified naturally grown farm established in 1991. We are located in the scenic Snoqualmie Valley nestled on the Snoqualmie River.

We believe in living our lives in harmony with the rest of our world with as little harmful impact as possible. We work to be good stewards of the land so that we leave this planet a better place for the generations to come. We value all varities of life on earth and we raise our animals in a responsible and considerate manner.

seedlings planted out at Growing Things Farm decorative line

The Female Farmer Project

Our own Farmer Michaele recently had her farming season documented in Audra Mulkern's brilliant series, The Female Farmer Project.

Farmer Michaele is profiled in The Female Farmer Project

The project documents the rise of women in farming by presenting photos and stories of some of the many women who grow our food, and their journeys to reinvent farming. Audra's lovely photos of Michaele and Growing Things Farm are collected under the title The Agrarian.

We use some of Audra's wonderful photos on the website — Thank you for the photos, Audra!



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